Criteria for sharing job advertisements or information/activities

Other translation associations and organizations, universities or students, as well as partners and NGOs, often reach out to us asking to share job offers, surveys, and other kinds of communication. This trend has increased in the last month and we decided to establish a few criteria that we can use to decide when we share an external announcement with our community.

  1. Eligibility: if we share something, it follows that we approve of the organization sharing that content or the content itself. Hence, we should apply the same criteria we already employ for entering into partnerships. As far as content eligibility is concerted, we can make a distinction between the content that has a more administrative side (HR, legal, etc.) and that which pushes an ideological/religious agenda, which would not be acceptable.

  2. Opportunities for translators: We will share opportunities for community training, development, or employment made available by our contacts.

  3. Opportunities for TWB: Sharing content can be done in exchange for promotion of our work in the partners’ network, maybe verify volunteers for us, or other means of collaboration.

  4. Medium: Currently, email is our most effective means of communication. However, it is also true that we already bombard our community with a lot of emails in many cases (especially in high-demand language pairs.) An alternative can be using our Facebook and LinkedIn groups, as combined with our forum.

  5. Tracking our contribution: we would be interested in knowing how many people engage with the content we share this way. It could be a good indicator to have later on when discussing possible partnerships with other organizations.


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