COVID19 Help

I would like to volunteer to help map language data, identify key COVID-19 terminology, and monitor social media for misinformation. What would be the first step?

Hello @jaredperkins2016 :cherry_blossom:

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Maybe this thread would help you to find out more about flagging COVID-19 related rumors and fake news.

Also take a look to this topic about COVID-19 terminology survey.

Hope this could help. :cherry_blossom: :smile:
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Hi @jaredperkins2016, welcome to TWB! :sunny: and @SalwaAlrifai thank you for the wonderful suggestions :heart:

@jaredperkins2016 once you complete your profile, you will be ready to get started finding and claiming tasks in Kató Platform. We have a lot of COVID-19 related translations at the minute, so your support will be greatly appreciated!

Additionally, we sometimes post opportunities for translators in this thread, so feel free to keep an eye out for new posts there :slight_smile: Best wishes!