Course: Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for Kató Translators


Hello everyone!
I finished a Course: Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for Kató Translators with an account I’ve been created following the instructions, although already had one. Now I can’t do the final quiz. Someone could help me with information about that? Thanks in advance.


Hello Claudia, thank you for your message. I think this is happening because you are not enrolled to the course. Can you please take a look at the screenshots here and let me know if you have followed this procedure already?


Hi Ambra! Thanks for your answer. I can’t find that field in my account. I’ll try to do that again. Here in Rio de Janeiro the situation is very difficult. The clima change has affected energy supply. Because of that I have made often breaks during the course yesterday and I felt very frustrated when I can’t do the final quiz. As soon as possible I’ll look for the correct procedure. Once more I thank you.


Thank you Claudia, I hope that the climate situation will improve soon. If you still can’t work out what is going wrong with your profile, please send me an email with screenshot at and I will try to help you.


Hi @ambra! The climate improved a little yesterday and a could find what I was to do wrong. I had already finished the Course, but don’t understand how to proceed after that. Now I have already my certificate and waiting the results about my sample translations at ProZ. I hope that I will have successfull and try do my best for help as a translator. For now I will be go on to meet this platform. I thank you very much your instructions so quickly when I asked for.