Correct word count

Hello Kato community,

I am about to translate a document with around 1600 words, but the word count says it has just 1 word. How can I make sure it shows the correct number of words?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @Eva - are you referring to the documents that are part of the INSP Christmas Vendor Playlist project? I can see you have claimed parts 4 and 6.

Did you know that there is a thread for each project in the Projects section of Kató Community. For example, for the tasks mentioned above the threads are:

Where are you seeing the wordcount given as 1?

I see that you have already started translating via Kató TM, which is great. Once each translation task shows as 100% complete on Kató TM, you just need to copy your translation from Kató TM to Kató Platform: Completing a task on Kató Platform

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