Completed task keeps showing up in my Claimed tasks

Hello everyone, not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, if moderator wishes to move it, do so by all means. I was just wondering if anybody else was experiencing this; so I claimed a revision task about a week ago, the due date was 4/4/2022 (Monday) I completed it on Friday, using Memsource and everything, clicked on “completed” there on top, and figured that was the end of that, I even got a task completed email in my inbox. I logged into my account Monday and saw that the task was once again in my Claimed Tasks tab, I clicked on it, took me to Memsource, all segments were completed and the “complete” button on the top was available…didn’t really know what ot make of it so I just clicked “completed”. The task disappeared from Claimed tasks tab and I got another completed task email for it. So I log in today, and the task had once again shown up in my claimed tasks tab…and it’s the same thing, when I click on it and go to Memsource, all segments are completed and the “complete” button is available…Not sure why this is happening and I was wondering if anybody else has seen anything like this. Thank you in advance for any replies.

Hi @Rob1 and thank you for reaching out!

Sorry about that, it was mostly due to a few changes that were applied to the project and caused the status of the task to be reversed to “incomplete”. Apologies for the confusion.

Hello Aya.Alrifai. Thanks for the reply and for the clarification. Nothing too inconvenient, I was just curious if it had happened to others, and also hoping that it wasn’t anything detrimental for the project. Thanks again and have a nice rest of the week.

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