Claiming tasks for new translator

Hi, I am a new user. Are there any tasks that we can get access to while we are still waiting for our translation test results? As of right now, I can’t find any task that I can access. I have completed an English to Chinese test, but is there one for Chinese to English? Please help and thank you!

Hi Cindy, welcome to TWB :confetti_ball: Yes, you can still access unrestricted tasks in your language pair while you are waiting for your test to be reviewed :star2:

If you do not see any tasks on your homepage, it only means there are none available in your language pair right now. But new tasks are being created all the time, so keep an eye out! :eyes:

Unfortunately we do not have a test for Chinese into English at the moment, but this should not hinder your chances of finding tasks. If you are certified in Chinese to English with one of the organisations listed here, you are automatically eligible to become a Kató Verified Translator.

Alternatively, you can get started working on translations, and once you have received multiple good reviews for your work you can let us know and we’d be happy to verify you that way :white_check_mark:

Please note that it can take 3-4 weeks to receive the results from your test, so if you do not hear from us within a month of completing your test please feel free to reach out to us at, or you can post a message in this thread. :slight_smile: