Claiming a task


I am new here and I am trying to claim a task but it still reads “unclaimed” with a warning message : This task can no longer be claimed, the job has been removed from Memsource and will soon be removed from here.
The status of the task afterwards is still unclaimed.
Thank you for your help


Hi @znalouti and thank you for letting us know about this task :dizzy:

I believe that the task is no longer available on the homepage as there are no tasks in French in the mean time. If the task still appears to you, kindly let me know about it’s title.

The tasks on the homepage should always be available for translation, accept for a very few cases when the tasks are decided to be canceled after they are posted. But there surely be new tasks available in French in the near future, so keep an eye out! :innocent:

Thanks for your support, Zeineb :sunflower: