Claimed task missing?


A couple of weeks ago, I claimed a Spanish to English translation task (about 1,000 words) that was due in the first week of August. Although I could not complete it at the time that I claimed it, I knew that I would be able to have it done before the listed due date. I even still have the untranslated source text in my personal files. However, when I now go to my claimed tasks on Kato, it is nowhere to be found. Does TWB or Kato automatically unclaim tasks that are not being actively worked on? I had full intentions on completing this assignment, and still had more than enough time to do so. Any insight would be much appreciated!


Hello @Andrew, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:
I’m tagging my colleagues @ambra and @Narges that will be able to answer your question.
Do you have the task title, or any other information so they can identify which task it was?

Thank you!


Hello @Andrew! Thank you for your message.
If you claim the tasks, it stays in your task history even if you don’t work on it or if it is overdue. I checked your task history and I can’t see any tasks due on August - do remember who the partner was? Maybe something went wrong when you claimed the task (a glitch in the system?) or the task has been deleted. Please give us more information if you have it. My colleague @MiriamTWB might be able to help too.


Hi @Andrew, would be helpful if you could remember something about the task you claimed so I could look into it. I do not recall deleting or revoking any tasks lately.


Hi @ambra @MiriamTWB, thanks for reaching out. The unedited title of the Word document I downloaded from the task page is: “CIEP Medium 0518 09 SP Part 7” and I believe the source country was Peru. In fact, I just noticed on my dashboard that the same document, now translated, is available for Review. I must have either not claimed it originally, or unclaimed it at some point, though I do not remember doing so. Thanks again for your help.