Cannot submit the task


Hello! I revised a document, and it says 100% complete but 32 words left.
I scrolled through the document and couldn’t find any sentence that I didn’t approve of.
So I unclaimed the task and reclaimed it to see if it works, but it still looks the same (image above).
Is there a way to fix or submit this?


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Hi, @kyulee0102! I’ve had this happen too. It’s a glitch in the system, apparently. I’d suggest contacting the Project Manager. They will be able to force the task to complete and submit it. Good luck, and have a lovely day!:grin:

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HI @kyulee0102, thanks a lot for reaching out to us! :grinning:

As @tgabow rightly said, this happens because of a glitch in the system, so I forced completion of your task and now you can go ahead and submit it as you normally would :wink:

For future reference, if you have any issue with a task you are working on, I invite you to leave a message in the respective project thread (instructions here), so that your Project Manager will be notified and they’ll be able to assist you :nerd_face:

Thanks a lot for your support with this project, Kyulee! :sunny: