Cannot access projects in the Projects category

Hello everyone!

I am relatively new to the TWB platform, I’m not a verified translator but I have finished the Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for the TWB Community and set up my profile and language pairs the best I can.

I haven’t received notifications for any tasks yet, though I was hoping I could participate in some projects in the meantime but each post under the Projects category on this Forum shows a small lock symbol next to it and when I press on a link in one of the projects even if it is related to my language pairs, it takes me to my Kato TWB Homepage where it says “Warning! You cannot access this project!”.

I’m not sure why this is happening and I’d be very grateful if someone could explain how this works. I have tried looking for someone else having a similar issue but wasn’t able to find any.

Hi @Sagarika,

Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to TWB! :hugs: :partying_face:

It’s great to see your enthusiasm! :star2:

Activating the notifications is a really good first step, but you can also go look for tasks on your own in our TWB platform :mag_right: :eyes: You will find the steps you need for finding and claiming tasks sucessfully in our Kató Community thread.

The threads about projects you find in our Kató Community are for the people who have already claimed the projects :briefcase: or are interested in them :eyes: to contact the Project Managers via messages :incoming_envelope:. That way they can ask questions or get clarification for what’s expected for each specific project.

On the other hand, the way to properly claim tasks is via our TWB platform and you can check the information like the source text there too :mag_right: :receipt:.

I hope this helps.


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Thank you so much for your explanation! It did clarify quite a few things for me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :bouquet:

I have activated my notifications and gone looking for tasks on the TWB platform but I just get the message “Warning! You are not authorized to view this page” on my homepage. Is this because I’m not a verified translator or is there some other issue?

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Hi @Sagarika

I’m happy that I could help you! :hugs: :star2:

About the warning you are receiving, could you please tell me which tasks are presenting that message to you? That way I can check this matter more thoroughly.