Can I work outside Kató TM?

We encourage translators and revisers to always work online on Kató TM, to ensure a smooth collaboration among translators/revisers and better communication.
However, in cases where there is no option to use the platform (i.e.: when there’s no link to Kató TM on the task page), or the platform doesn’t work, translating offline is a possibility. Please make sure to inform the PM before you start working off Kató TM.

If the platform is regularly working but you still wish to use your CAT tool or translate offline, we can make an exception if you’re the only translator or reviser working on the document. Please remember to double check with the PM before you start working off Kató TM, and to keep them informed about your progress.

To download the source file from Kató Platform:

  1. Go to your Claimed Tasks
  2. Download the file to be translated and save it on your computer so you can work on it offline
  3. Translate the file
  4. Upload the translation to Kató Platform using the Upload button

To download the source file from the TWB Workspace:

  1. Click on the link next to “Source file (for reference only)” on the task page, in the section “Work order instructions”. Please note that the downloaded file will be the full source file.
  2. Translate the file.
  3. Upload the file to the Workspace

If you have to revise a translation that was carried out offline, please refer to this post.