Call for French digital resources

:fr: One of our partners, Learning Equality is seeking recommendations for any French learning resources that you use or think would be beneficial for francophone learners and educators.

:information_source: They can be courses, books, lessons, tutorials, apps, websites, or anything else you would use on a digital device to learn. Learning Equality are open to any age groups and subjects. Everything that you use the internet to learn about, they want to know about!

:open_book: Learning Equality, is partnering with the EdTech Hub to increase the availability of French resources in their Kolibri Content Library. In doing so, they aim to reach learners and educators in francophone countries.

:desktop_computer: They will evaluate your suggestions for the best way to share it without internet connectivity via their open source learning platform, Kolibri.

:handshake: With the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to online and distance learning, the need to help those who do not have internet access has become even more urgent. With your help, Learning Equality can support continued learning during the pandemic and beyond, and ensure that inequities in digital education do not continue to grow.

:memo: Please fill out this survey to enter your suggestions and recommendations.

Thank you for your support! :pray:

This project is not in partnership with TWB. We are just helping spread the word!