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Hi, everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

Well, first of all I feel so happy to be part of this community of TWB. I’m new in here so I am still discovering this whole new world and platform. The first week a read about the Introduction to Humanitarian Translation course and a made it and got a certificate on it, everthing fine with that, I really loved the course. The thing is that reading the questions and answers topic i’ve found out about others interesting courses that aren’t availables right now and my question is where do I can find the recent or actual available courses?

If anyone can help me or guide me about this, I’d be truly thankful


Hi @Fernanda1 :slight_smile:

We also offer two training courses called Training Course on Humanitarian Translation and Training Course on Humanitarian Interpretation. You can find these courses on our elearn platform where you took the Introduction Course :woman_student: However, just to let you know that only the Introduction Course provides a certificate.

We sometimes post opportunities for translators in this section, so keep an eye out! :mag:


Thank you so much :blush:


Please I wanna know if there is an option to show the subtitle to the videos through the courses on kató?

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Hi @lujainb87 :slight_smile: In each Youtube video, at the bottom right there is a button that gives you the option to show subtitles. I hope this helps! :hugs: