Automatic dismissing and replacing!

I am encountering a big problem with my first translation for TWB.
I had done with some segments (the bars had turned blue), but after a while, some of my translated segments were automatically dismissed and replaced with the initially suggested translations with the bars turning green (has someone revised???) More seriously, this “dismissing and replacing” happened even to a segment that I was typing into. I can’t continue if this problem has not been resolved. Help me please!


Hi Ian, very sorry to hear about your experience! Maybe the reviser has already started working on this task, without waiting for you to finish. This shouldn’t happen, and revisers should wait until the text is fully complete before they can proceed to revision.
@Paulina can you please ask the revisers to wait until the translation is done?

Thank you very much, Lan, for your kind help!

@tientran203 @Lan is the translator of Chunk 2 (Part 2) which we discussed earlier today. Just making sure to let you know that you’ll be notified immediately when the translation is ready for revision.

@ambra @Paulina Thanks so much for your prompt support :slight_smile:

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