Asking for jobs other than translation

Hi TWB team,
Hope you are all doing well and enjoying volinteering for communities.
I was wondering if there are other volunteer jobs here in TWB team other than translation. I believe some of us can do more than translation. We can be project managers :joy:.


Hi @Amin1,

It’s great to see your enthusiasm! :hugs: :star_struck:

We are constantly thinking about new ways to provide our volunteers with the best experience possible, so I will make sure to give my team a heads up about your idea :orange_heart:.

If we got news on this matter, you will here from us :wink:.

Also, we would be really happy to have someone so motivated in our Arabic Language Week! There you can participate in our contest to win prices and to have the chance to become a verified translator, but you will also be able to join several webinars on different topics (not only translation related :eyes:).

All the best and thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us! :star2:



Fair enough
Thank you @Jessie_Cabrera_Roque


Yes indeed, some can help in many aspects relating to project management. Best wishes.

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