Are you a sworn translator? Help the Salvation Army with your language skills!


The Salvation Army is a long-term friend of TWB and we partnered with them in the past :handshake:

Now they need the help of a Bengali to English translator to translate a short birth certificate. The owner needs to show the translated certificate to the Greek government to have her papers corrected and avoid experiencing difficulties for having irregular papers in the future. The translation needs to be stamped to verify its translated validity. :white_check_mark:

If you would like to know more, or you/someone you know are available to translate the document, please contact Francisca Onuoha at

This pro-bono task is NOT in partnership with TWB.


Hey ! I can translate from Bengali to English.


Thank you Simran! Please keep in mind that the translation needs to be certified as this is an official/legal document. If you can offer your support, please email Francisca at * (she won’t see your message here in the forum).