Acronysms. How to handle whit?


Recently I wrote an article on LinkedIn about this subject. And I’ve made that because it seems like an unlocked topic in the forums that I’ve got the opportunity to read. All kinds of suggestions and ways to handle changes according to the translator that shows your viewpoint:

  1. Ask a client may show a lack of confidence (?!!).
  2. Everything must be translated, anyway what matters is the target public.
  3. Translate only once maintaining the acronym source into brackets, if doesn’t have a similar in the target language. After, using only the acronym source.
  4. Ask a client, by the way, any Company has your rules to follow up.
    And the list continues.
    I would like to know the best way and how to handle this matter. And I apologize if any topic by the same subject already had been posted.
    I thank you all in advance.
    My best,