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Hi, everyone!

First of all, I’m new to this community and I’m not sure this post belongs to this forum. If not, please remove it or change it.

I’m currently taking the introductory course and I haven’t taken a translation test yet. However, I have received a revising task from the task stream notification. Should I accept the task if I’m available or should I take the translation test first? I’ve read here that the translation test isn’t compulsory, but I’m still in doubt about this.



Hello Luciana, thank you for asking and no worries, you are in the right place :wink: Thank you for taking the course! If you have any questions about it, my colleague @Gloria will be the wizard able to guide you :woman_mage:

Correct: The translation test isn’t mandatory. If you take it and pass it, you will get access to more tasks, partners and even our second translation platform. The added value to your experience is that you get a wider range of topics, nonprofits and TWB staff you can work with, and different projects with a variety of wordcounts and deadlines. This basically means more choices for you.

That said, you can pick all the tasks you have access to at the moment. This includes revision tasks.

I hope this replies to your questions, and thank you for asking!


Thank you for all the information, @ambra ! Your answer has been very helpful to me :smile:


Hi @ambra! I don’t know if you can help me with this. I claimed a Revision Task but the translation was delivered one day before its deadline. I expressed my concern but none said anything. I really couldn’t identify the project coordinator. I would need more time to do a good job or be revoked from the process because I actually can’t do this in two hours with the care and attention that any project deserves.


Hello Beatriz, thank you for your message. From what you’re saying, it sounds like you already contacted us regarding this matter. To better understand why we weren’t able to help you the first time, can you please let me know where/how did you reach out to us?

Now, speaking of the project: are you referring to Suivi des recommandations de l’évaluation externe du projet/programme? If so, we have a dedicated project thread here. In general, we do have flexibility regarding the deadline, especially if it is only a matter of hours. I am going to inform my colleagues about this, and they can reach out to you in case we can’t absolutely extend the deadline.


Hi Ambra, I left a message in the page of the task on December 17 as we are instructed by email. It was the job: Who are the HRMI Ambassadors? in the project “Improving human rights data”.
Once you spoke about Suivi des recommandatios de l’evaluation externe du projet/programme there’s something wrong with it? I did the revision but it was the first time I didn’t use Kató. I read the Forum about how to do when we are not using Kató but I felt a bit insecure.


Hi Beatriz, no there’s nothing wrong with Suivi des recommandatios de l’evaluation externe du projet/programme but it was the only task I could see in your task history, so I guessed you were talking about that one. Maybe you unclaimed Who are the HRMI Ambassadors? then?


Hi Ambra, thank you a lot for your help. I really would like to only know that I unclaimed the task but I’ve the e-mail and access to the page with my name there assigned to the revision.

What can I do?
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Apologies, I thought you were talking about a project in a different platform :slight_smile: I will pass this to my colleague @Dona immediately so she can let you know.