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Kató Translation Memory (Kató TM) is an online computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool.

When translating tasks on Kató Platform, you will see a button to translate using Kató Translation Memory (Kató TM), an online computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. This tool helps to make the translation process more efficient by providing access to translation memory and online glossaries. It also creates more opportunities for collaboration by allowing several volunteers to work on a single task and allowing reviewers to revise translations in real time.


I have claimed the translation of this document: https://trommons.org/project/10052/view/ , but I cannot see the link to the Kato TM. Please advice.

Hello Carmen, thank you for your message. It seems that there is no link to the CAT tool (Kato TM) available for this project, so in this case please follow the steps outlined here .
In the future, I encourage you to use the forum thread corresponding to the posted task, so in this case, this is where you could have posted the question. So that you know for next time

My colleague @LouiseF might want to reach out to the partner :slight_smile:

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Hi @Carmen3

Thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately, this project will be only available to translate offline.
You can download the source file from this link: https://trommons.org/task/34090/simple-upload/
Please let us know if you have any further questions,

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Hi, Ambara
Hope you are doing great,
I received your Email, while you were offering me this task, but I Can’t see the task.
here is the task:

It consists of 500 words only but needs to be completed by the deadline. Also, please keep in mind that the translation must be done using the online platform , Kató TM. You can find information about it in this section of the forum, but I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Hello, thank you for your message. @Ambraluna would you please be able to assist, I am guessing it was one of your projects.

Hi @Abdinasir,

As I wrote to you via email yesterday, this translation task has already been claimed.

Ambra Luna