A quick Call for Swahili Translators!

Hello everyone!

The people from the summit are looking for an English into Swahili translator to volunteer for a short translation (This is all I know). The translator interested can contact me and I can give them the email to contact them.

Have a nice day!


Hi @Mariangelesm :sunflower:

Thank you so much for sharing this information! :dizzy: I just moved your post and make it as a separate topic :innocent: This will help our Swahili Translators to easily see the opportunity :orange_heart:

The link to the original thread is still seen here, so the volunteers will be able to refer to it for more information :information_source:

Thanks again Maria! have a great day :sunny:

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Thank you very much @Aya.Alrifai

I don’t know how many translators they were looking for and I already give their contact to someone who asked me yesterday. If they need more translators, I will let you know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi all,
How are you doing?
I hope you’ll alert us too when they ask for Somali translations!

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Thank you for letting us know @Mariangelesm :orange_heart: this was only intended to be more visible to Swahili translators, because it’s a nice opportunity and it’s worth trying :blush: Thanks again for your helpful post :dizzy:

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Hi @Amin1

I’d like to recommend turning on the notifications here to be up to date if Somali translators are required for this opportunity :innocent:

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Hi, I am interested to help volunteering in this task you have posted for the quick call swahili translator. Please let me know if It’s possible and here is my email: Abdiqani1037@gmail.com.

Hi @Abdikani1037,

They don’t need more Swahili translators, but thank you for your interest in volunteering in this task :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @Mariangelesm ,
I am interested, where can I contact you?

Hi @Joel2

Thank you for your interest in the opportunity :dizzy: Unfortunately, it seems that it’s no longer available as Mariángeles mentioned. But we always post new opportunities, keep any eye on this thread, and turn the notifications on to be informed once new opportunities are available :innocent: