A Deadline for a task was changed and i wasn't notified about it

I have claimed a certain revision task that was due by the 10th of May, this morning (May 8th) i woke up to an e-mail notifying me that the deadline for the task has passed and that i should submit the task if i have completed it (which i haven’t at the time), i jumped to my claimed tasks and checked the task right away and i’ve found that the due date has been changed to the 8th of May, so basically the deadline was moved without me being notified by an email or anything else, and i assure you that i’ve checked the task’s due date multiple times before (last time was last night actually) and it was the 10 of May not the 8th…is this normal?
I started and completed the task right after reading the email and submitted it successfully so i hope there won’t be any problems (technical or what not)?

any advice would be appreciated!

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